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Marshall University Graduate Humanities

Glenwood Seminar - Spring 2018

The Marshall University Graduate Humanities Program is offering a seminar at Glenwood during the spring 2018 semester. Students enrolled in CULS 600 (Selected Topics): Glenwood, Charleston, and West Virginia History will get up close and personal with the past as they utilize elements of the historic Glenwood collection to examine the history of West Virginia and the development of Charleston from a small 19th century village into a modern 21st century capital city.


The course is sponsored in part by the Historic Glenwood Foundation. Graduate Humanities Program students enrolled in the MA Program who complete the course with an A or B will receive a scholarship stipend from the Historic Glenwood Foundation. The seminar is being taught by Dr. Billy Joe Peyton, professor of history at West Virginia State University. Peyton is a member of the Historic Glenwood Foundation board. Peyton is the author of Historic Charleston: The First 225 Years, and has researched and written extensively on the history of Charleston and West Virginia.

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